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HD-948-1 Bread Sanwiching Machine

HD-948-1 Bread Sanwiching Machine

Type: HD-948-1   Click: 2282   Brand: Huide Machinery


Sandwiching Machine:2400-6000 sandwiches per lane per hour

  • The sandwiching machine produces round or rectangular biscuit /bread sandwiches with a single or co-deposited filling. A combination of high speed and output, high efficiency and low production cost makes these creamers the choice of leading biscuit/bread makers worldwide. 
  • HUIDE has five machines covering a wide range of different products for the production of sandwich biscuits and cookies and bread:?the High Speed creamer?is suitable for most types of products 
  • New product possibilities are created by options that allow two deposits to be made simultaneously, allowing?a semi-liquid centre filling such as jam, or injection of?a wide range of cream flavour..

Specification Data

Efficient production

Rigid pin chain construction and stable product support ensure continuous operation. A gentle start/stop facility reduces waste by keeping the biscuits/bread in place and under full control. Product sensors enable operators to deal promptly with magazine jams. Giveaway is minimized by controlling the feed of cream to each stencil outlet by individual variable speed pumps.
Easy to use and clean
Touch-screen PLC control enables the complete sandwiching system to be operated from a single location. A clear, intuitive touch screen interface helps operators to maximize efficiency. An air blast cleaner and a rotary brush keep the pin chain clean during normal operation. Wide opening covers give easy access for routine cleaning; there is full washdown capability in the product area.

Flexible specification
2 or 3depositors versions are available with pin chain pitches between 50 and 100mm to match biscuit size and bread and upstream equipment. This minimizes the amount of product handling, reducing capital cost and product breakage. Systems can be automatically or manually fed; left or right discharge. Output options include flat and stacked discharge, or a direct link to a lane multiplier, count feeder or tray loader.

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