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Videodough sheeter | Long shelf soft bread | 辉德绿豆饼干夹心机 | 辉德玉米压豆机 | 辉德饼干油炸机 | 辉德三明治夹心机
> Bread Sanwiching Machine
> Automatic Bread production line
> Encrusting Machine
> Automatic Steam Buns/Momo Production Line
> Automatic Pastry Production line
> Automatic Mooncake production line
> Other food processing machines
> 辉德动态
♦♦ Huide Machinery hopes all Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!
♦♦ The Strength of Huide Machinery is Increasing Ceaselessly
♦♦ Troubleshooting common biscuit sandwich machine
> 行业动态
♦♦ Food machinery industry need to establish a technological innovation alliance
♦♦ Sweets China International Exhibition and other "Four Professional Food Show" appearance
♦♦ Food Expo will have electronic "identity card" to introduce radio frequency identification technolog
♦♦ Food Machinery Manufacturing prospects
♦♦ How to achieve China's food machinery to mention upgraded
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