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The Strength of Huide Machinery is Increasing Ceaselessly

Date: 2013-04-22   Read: 1387   Edit: Huide Machinery

       Although China is not a country of sweet food, we frequently eat or send candy as present. With a large population, China has a great demand for candy. Now, the main packages of candy and chocolate are pillow type, twisted type and folding type. According to the statistics, most of the candy and chocolate manufacturers adopt the excellent and efficient multifunctional pillow packaging equipment produced by Huide Machinery featuring high automation, stability, good performance and complete function, the packaging equipment greatly improves working efficiency.
¡¡¡¡Pillow packaging machine is a kind of packaging machinery expansively applied in food packaging industry, sealing most of the food in daily life. The rapid development of candy industry and the improvement of people¡¯s living level bring good development opportunity to the pillow packaging machinery industry. Meanwhile, Huide Machinery also puts forward higher requirements for the quality and production efficiency for the pillow packaging machinery.
¡¡¡¡If you are in want of a kind of smart and stable packaging machine with novel appearance, good performance, low packaging cost and complete functions or an affordable mini automatic pillow packaging machine, you can select Huide Machinery. Its packaging machine can adopt various compound packaging film coil coatings for food package.
¡¡¡¡At the same time, the users has put forward new requirements for the spacing and processing function of the packaging machinery as the food workshop and family enterprises increases considerably in recent years. Huide Machinery has developed ¡°packaging machine clock mechanism¡± integrating all the functions of the transmission system of the packaging machine through analyzing different types of packaging machines, sufficient tests and organically combining various function parts of the packaging machines.
¡¡¡¡Thus, not only the machine system is reduced, but the function of ¡°large machine¡± is realized. Meanwhile, the integrated ¡°packaging machine clock mechanism¡± greatly reduces chain transmission, improves running stability and reliability and reduces the running noise. To enable the packaging machine smarter and convenient for operation, the company applies microcomputer programming, variable frequency speed regulation and other advanced technologies into control system. To improve the appearance grade of packaged products, the equipment has been set with photoelectric tracing system. The system can carry on accurate calibration according to the shape and size of the packaged goods and adopts bidirectional 3-stage tracing, able to timely detect, compensate and correct the difference in the production process and avoiding the waste of packaging materials.
      Huide Machinery makes commitment of three guarantees in one year and lifelong maintenance. In 2013, Huide Machinery will create brilliance with you£¡

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