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Troubleshooting common biscuit sandwich machine

Date: 2013-05-31   Read: 1443   Edit: Huide Machinery


Troubleshooting common biscuit sandwich machine

1, removing cleaning the chain, install the discharge opening when not in crackers?

Mind when installing the front and rear handle debugging in the middle position, hanging chain is required to open the discharge hole below the faders are pulled to the bottom of the chain, put a cookie on the fader, so that the discharge holes biscuits in the center, this when debugging handles.

2, the chain slack caused by irregular shaped biscuits when?

Cause the chain slack, then you need to open the front door, on the sides, there is a tension pulley to which a downward tight.

3, the individual faders launch biscuits, cookies are not placed fillings center?

This situation is due to deformation fader, such as filling in the biscuit in front, it shows the fader side, this situation will deform fader solutions Mark the pen, to be run in the bottom of the fader, fader with great pliers in a barrel can be folded forward, such as fillings in the back on the biscuits can be folded in the opposite direction.

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