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Food machinery industry need to establish a technological innovation alliance

Date: 2013-04-18   Read: 1753   Edit: Huide Machinery

      China Food and Packaging Machinery Industry 4th Annual Meeting of the Fourth Council of Wenzhou City in Zhejiang Province held a few days ago. At the meeting, Chairman Li Shujun that in recent years, China's food and packaging machinery industry has made great achievements while, but when compared with foreign advanced level are still great differences in needs to be improved. To this end, he suggested taking the road of combining production and research, the establishment of technical innovation and strategic alliances. 

    Inadequate investment in scientific research and low levels of product technology 

    China's food industry has been rapid development in recent years, the food industry's development in need of food and packaging machinery and equipment as a support, while the technical level of China's food and equipment behind the product, the product structure is not entirely reasonable, and supporting a small number of species, low levels of mechanical processing , backward equipment, basic parts and spare parts that life is short, a serious shortage of new product development capability. China's relatively backward in the food and packaging machinery industry to the food industry's development has not played a good supporting role. 

    Li Shujun pointed out that some foreign food packaging equipment, experience shows that business success, enterprises for investment in research and development, accounting for sales of 1% is difficult for enterprises to survive, accounting for barely 2 percent when accounting for 5%, the only competitive, but China's food packaging equipment, investment in research and development enterprises for an average of less than 1%. 

    According to statistics, total R & D expenditure accounted for 0.3% of sales income to 0.5%, R & D personnel employed only 3.4% ~ 4%, research institutes and universities of the test conditions and backward. The level of foreign R & D investment compared to China's serious shortage of R & D investment, resulting in China's food equipment industry, the degree of automation is low, the market to meet the poor; stand-alone product and more complete sets of equipment less; host more auxiliary less; the products produced by low-tech , high-tech, high value-added, high-productivity, small number of products; the beginning of processing equipment more than a small deep-processing equipment; generic models and more specific requirements, special materials, fewer processing models. Product performance when compared with foreign similar products, low production capacity, high energy consumption, the average energy consumption of developed countries, 4 ~ 6 times. In particular, the large complete sets of equipment performance gap between the larger and more advanced models of its domestic production capacity is the advanced level of 1 / 2, while the overall technological level of China's food and equipment behind the developed countries in 20 years. 

    Establish a technological innovation combining production and research alliances 

    In response to these problems in development of the industry, Li Shujun that the solution to this problem lies, and take the road of combining production and research, the establishment of industrial technology innovation and strategic alliances. China's food and packaging machinery by small-scale concentration dispersion can not afford to invest in R & D work carried out, the original innovation and lack of common technology, supply, lack of core competitiveness. Therefore, to improve the production and research integration, technological innovation system, to explore the establishment of industrial technology innovation and alliances, build businesses and outstanding research institutes and famous universities combining common technology platform for innovation, aimed at the development of common key technologies and devices, joint development, a total risk, joint competition and mutual benefit. 

    Through the enhancement of innovation capability, enhance food and packaging machinery products, international competitiveness, changes in the past, that "more variety, small batch" of industry characteristics, in a professional efforts to form a "less variety and sophistication" competition pattern . Time for the international food and packaging machinery for economic interests method is no longer in the past in the traditional sense of the variety, quantity, etc. materialization of physical capital, replaced by well-known brands, high-tech applications as well as technical barriers, technical innovation, safety and health and other intangible capital role. Therefore, China's food and packaging machinery lies in improving technical standards, products, brands, technical barriers, technical innovation, safety and health and so on. 

    In addition, but also to improve the level of information technology to play on-line automatic monitoring, flexible manufacturing, electronic commerce, information technology, to transform and upgrade traditional industries. To achieve enterprise information management, the raw materials, inventory, logistics, marketing, processing with information management technology really linked. The establishment of market information as a guide, raw materials, processing, marketing and logistics information industry as a whole complete information system, the achievement of the industrial chain of information between the convergence of effective feedback and to enhance international competitiveness. 

    Enhance their curricula to train high quality professionals to enhance innovation capability, can not do without the support of high-quality talent. In recent years, food and packaging equipment, the training of professionals weakened. According to incomplete statistics, by the end of 2008, the National Universities of professional settings, there is no separate set of food machinery professional and social needs of food and equipment only through the cultivation of some of the professional to complete, such as mechanical specialty, food engineering, packaging, engineering and so on. 

    "Food equipment, no specific professional settings, engaged in food and equipment were from the above-mentioned graduate students, while food is equipped with its own material, health, process control, special processing of different raw materials, packaging, storage, distribution and other shelf-life requirements, in addition to master ordinary mechanical technology, but has yet to increase the cultivation of expertise. Moreover, the continuous development of new technologies today, bio-technology in food engineering has played an invaluable role in even more need for this device structure , the process conditions, precise control, on-line detection means of professional talents. but we are obviously lacking talent reserves. "said Li Shujun, not without concern. 

    In his view, the strengthening of food machinery subject building is an important measure to foster high-quality talent. In the current food and equipment with a good basic disciplines of the universities, the establishment has strong faculty, excellent research environment and academic performance advantages of great discipline and cultivate food machinery industry's need for high-quality personnel; in a number of basic good scientific research institutes, to encourage scientific and technological personnel to carry out knowledge innovation, technological innovation and re-education to cultivate more high-quality talents to meet industry needs. 

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