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Sweets China International Exhibition and other "Four Professional Food Show" appearance

Date: 2013-04-18   Read: 1443   Edit: Huide Machinery

     September 3, 2008 to 5, is called "quadruple Professional Food Exhibition, "the four major food exhibition in Shanghai New International Expo Center hot held, to greet the guests from. Four exhibitions are: China International Exhibition Sweets, Sweets China International Exhibition production technology, the World Food China Expo and the China Shanghai International Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Exhibition. Exhibits covering from raw materials, production, processing, packaging to the service of the whole industrial chain.

     The exhibition by the renowned exhibition company - Cologne International Exhibition Limited. In recent years, the Cologne International Exhibition Co., Ltd. successfully held around the world involved in a series of sweets, food and beverage, food technology and other famous international exhibitions such as "World Food Fair"(Anuga),"an international confectionery and snack foods Exhibition "(ISM)," Cologne International Food Technology and Machinery Exhibition "(Anuga FoodTec) and " international confectionery raw materials and machinery Cologne Exhibition "(ProSweets Cologne).

     The exhibition held in the E1-E3 Gallery, the exhibition area of about 30,000 square meters, more than 400 exhibitors. The first day of the exhibition, held in Cologne, the company reduced the International Food Technology Division and Machinery Exhibition media promotion.

     2008 "China International Exhibition Sweets" is still focused on the sweets and confectionery market, the exhibits cover cocoa, chocolate and chocolate products, biscuits, sugar products, snack foods, baked goods, ice cream and raw pulp. Foreign buyers include: candy wholesale and retail buyers, cooperative grocery stores and wholesale consignment stores, chain stores and regional stores, cash & carry companies, chain pharmacies, professional candy retailers, candy makers, coffee shop and bakery, gas station chains, convenience stores.

    According to authoritative statistics, Chinese sweets and chocolate market has been maintained for five consecutive years average growth rate of 12.85%, 6% higher than the global market, its development potential, is expected to go far beyond Western Europe and the United States, which has the world's largest sweets and the chocolate market. Although the current in China, India and other emerging markets in developing countries, the consumption of candy is still relatively low, but these countries have a higher proportion of candy consumers, that is, children and young people, how to produce the continuous cater to local consumer tastes of candy, is the domestic and international manufacturers face a tremendous challenge.

    Chinese sweets market is in rapid process of modernization, and from the product category, packing style, taste quality and taste to the food retail systems are experiencing an unprecedented revolution. "Sweets China International Exhibition" held in conjunction with the exhibits and the scope of the seminar will focus on market changes and trends, to help your business with the times, continue to grow and develop.

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