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How to achieve China's food machinery to mention upgraded

Date: 2013-04-22   Read: 1429   Edit: Huide Machinery

     Our food machinery manufacturing products that keep pace with international advanced level, but do not truly independent intellectual property rights, with technological innovation of products is very small. Talking about here, "with" and the words to say, a "follow up" and even imitation, but little innovation. So, our food machinery manufacturing enterprises from the perspective of innovation, from the height of intellectual property rights to develop our new products, developed with world-class advanced equipment, so that really can achieve domestic food machinery manufacturing industry to mention file upgrade. 

     To improve the overall quality of employees is the product upgraded to mention the fundamental 

     To achieve domestic food machinery manufacturing industry to mention upgraded, the most important and most fundamental one, is to improve the overall quality of employees in the industry. The overall quality of the quality of ideas and technological quality. Ideological quality that is, including ideas, concepts, ways of thinking, decision-making level and innovative thinking. Technical quality of the level of technology which includes the design and processing production technology. 

     From the food machinery manufacturing industry, an overall perspective, in part, from state-owned light industry enterprises, restructuring or conversion, mostly from the original township and village enterprises and the restructuring of private enterprises of the past two decades. Objectively speaking, the latter two under the overall quality of staff asked them ideologically, technically catch up with the new trends in the world's high-tech development, and create a high-tech self-owned intellectual property rights there are certain gaps and difficulties. However, this is also not absolute. Today's society, human mobility social environment has been formed, as long as gathered a group of high-quality personnel, this breakthrough is entirely achievable. 

     There is a great man said, the world's most valuable people. As long as there were, what kind of miracles can be created. Have to create a high-tech industries are in need, it is high-quality people. The reason may be no one to understand, but really make up the difference on the different versions of the. 

     First of all, corporate decision-makers, namely, corporate investors, operators, large and small employers who have innovative ideas. Old Chinese saying goes, "eat the bun people chewed no flavor." Followed by imitation of others to make the machine behind the short term, can benefit, but its product life cycle can not be too long, not to create a part of the enterprise's own brand products with independent intellectual property rights. Can not be a breakthrough in technology, it is impossible to become the industry pacesetter, and guide new trend. 

     Secondly, with this innovative concept, enterprises should have a free hand to appoint, with people who can be innovative, with a pioneering spirit of the people, with R & D personnel, not just with the general design and general graphics staff. Of course, this enterprise, the cost and returns are not the same. 

     Third, is to create the overall quality of personnel. This is a very common very significant problem. Strengths and weaknesses on product quality, management guru with a "no teeth" to "Joking" is very easy, but really want to achieve the "teeth" are not quite that simple. 

     Quality is produced. Manufacturing personnel on how the basic quality is the fundamental, is the key. As mentioned earlier, due to historical reasons, the manufacture of food machinery manufacturing industry overall quality of staff varies, there are state-owned conversion of workers, there are former workers in township and village enterprises, and more is widely recruited migrant workers. Even most of the workers have not been professional and technical training, they are with large industry, large state-owned enterprise workers than there is indeed a large gap. Our business owners should be very aware to face up to this point, there are conscious and planned way to change this. One example, in a planned way from the technical school, vocational and other schools in recruiting groups of vocational training through professional staff, and gradually form a high-quality professional and technical support staff. Second, systematically company employees training and education, to improve the overall quality of employees and technology. 

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