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Food Expo will have electronic "identity card" to introduce radio frequency identification technolog

Date: 2013-04-18   Read: 1783   Edit: Huide Machinery

      Expo lasted for half a year, will pose serious challenges of food hygiene and safety. Shanghai Business Council members mentioned the recent reply 
The case, said the city intends to food safety management at the Expo to introduce radio frequency identification technology, in order to set up food for the Bo "identity card" in order to 
To ensure food safety during the World Expo and traceability. 

     The English abbreviation for Radio Frequency Identification RFID, commonly known as electronic tags. According to projections, the World Expo, 40 million passengers daily during the Tour 
Passengers, of which some 34 million people eat at the Expo period to guarantee food security has become an important task of Shanghai. To this end, CPPCC member Li Fei 
Kandy out "Let the RFID technology for the Expo will play a food guardian" of the proposal, the municipal Business Council "Resolution adopted by the reply." 

     City Business Council in conjunction with the current Food Drug Administration is exploring the city, the technology used in food production, processing, storage and sales process, and 
Circulation has been established in pork complete radio frequency identification tracking system security information. 

     City Business Council said, "Food Logistics Expo RFID traceability control system" will include units for Bo vegetables, aquatic products, livestock and poultry 
Milk, eggs, bread and pastry, catering and other semi-finished products are required for temperature control of food, and the logistics of food specifically for the Expo box car is also equipped with the corresponding 
Radio frequency identification equipment, vehicles carrying refrigerated frozen food temperature with continuous monitoring of radio frequency identification device. In the food into the park, law enforcement 
Office staff through the handheld terminals for mobile devices, you can quickly back in the field of food and raw materials sources, ensuring safe and reliable supply channels. 
Will also select the vegetables, fruits, aquatic products, eggs, and distribution of primary agricultural products such as semi-finished products such as food and beverage packaging bag to wear radio frequency identification 
Labeling, storage types of farming enterprises or production units, product name, origin, production date, shelf life, storage conditions, and other information, so that packaging and radio 
Frequency identification tags with the integrity of transactions in goods into the food and beverage, retail or logistics terminal in order to ensure traceability of food and raw materials can be tracked. 

     City Business Council, said the next step would be relevant departments of the municipal government pay close attention to well-developed implementation plan, study and formulate relevant government supporting governance 
Policy and related management measures, to develop radio frequency identification technology to produce their market access conditions and standards, so that radio frequency identification technology truly in 2010 
Shanghai World Expo will provide an effective food security.

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